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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Houseplants - Varnish + Vine

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Houseplants

If your home or workspace, or even that small corner you've dedicated for work-from-home needs a refresh, then indoor plants are an excellent choice. They've become a top trend in interior design for good reason. The benefits of indoor plants are numerous, more than one can easily list. They not only enliven your space but also enhance mood, boost productivity, and purify the air within your home. Flip through any interior decorating magazine, and you'll notice plants in bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. For those looking to adopt some greenery but unsure where to start, guidance is available.

How do I start?

As with all things, before you master the art, you must take easy and small steps. In this case it means buying plants that are easy to maintain. Do not get anything too complicated upfront as you might not be able to properly maintain it. Do not get any plant that has very specific requirements of sunlight, water or fertilization. Get plants that can easily be placed in handmade clay planters and can be kept alive without too much attention and upkeep. Care instructions are generally mentioned on the plants, so before buying take a quick glance if you will be able to give it the care required. 

Buy it from a shop or online store?

Both options are equally viable. When purchasing online, you can view photos and receive detailed instructions about the plant's shape, size, and annual growth rate. Additionally, you'll be provided with a comprehensive list of requirements concerning soil, water, sunlight, drainage, and fertilization. At, when buying a Montrose cactus or other indoor plants, you're also informed of potential issues that may arise with the plant. Plus, there's a 30-day return policy if the plant is delivered damaged or dead.

Is it okay to keep plants if I have pets?

You need to be careful if you have pets in your house. This is for the safety of both the plants as well as your ball of fur. Some plants like English Ivy can lead to vomiting and stomach upsets. If you are getting a cactus like Peruvian apple cactus Arizona, then make sure you keep them in places where your pets cannot reach as they hurt them otherwise. 

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How do I repot the plant?

Choosing handmade clay pots for your plants can eliminate the need for repotting. If you opt for a different type, ensure the pot has a drainage hole and place the plant directly inside it. Over time, if the soil dries out quickly or roots protrude, it's a sign to repot. When doing so, select a new pot that is just one size larger; for a plant in a 4-inch pot, a 6-inch pot would be ideal.

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