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Zoom Montrose Cactus Cutting - Varnish + Vine
Zoom Montrose Cactus Cutting - Varnish + Vine

Monstrose Cactus Cutting

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The Monstrose

Cereus Peruvianus Monstrosus 


Uniquely ribbed and undulating in shape with many arms resembling the growth of a tree. less than 12” of growth per arm/year. 


** Please note, each arm of a Monstrose cutting counts towards its total length **

** All cuttings can't be perfect, we always aim to give more, but cutting size may vary +/- 2in from selected size**

  • Sunlight: Full sun. when indoors, placing the cactus near an east or west facing window is best for optimal light.  If placing outside during the warm months (50+ degrees), we recommend a covered patio that gets really good light
  • Watering – drought tolerant species. Water once a month.  Make sure the soil drying completely 3 days after watering. 
  • Soil – premixed bags of cactus soil. You can make your own with sand, organic soil, perlite, and small lava rock. DO NOT use regular potting soil.
  • Issues – Root rot is caused when the soil does not have proper drainage and stays moist for too long. We recommend planting your cutting in a clay or terracotta pot with a drainage hole to achieve the highest soil breathability.  Scale and Meelybugs can be treated with insecticidal soaps.
30 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged.

Care Guide

- Requires Bright Direct Sun
- Water monthly
- Use a dry or arid soil
- Does best in 60 - 75 degrees F

Special Considerations

Tolerant to temperatures as low as 20 F

Return Policy

14 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged. Please send a picture to

Monstrose Cactus Cutting

$25.00 Regular price $30.00


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