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Getting Started

Thanks for joining the Varnish and Vine Family! Whether it's your first plant or this is number fifty, we're excited you're here.

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The easiest place to start is by looking at the page of the product you ordered. Here you can see quick and easy care instructions: 

care guide


Planting instructions for cactus can be found in our Cactus Planting FAQ and general Cactus health information can be found on our Cactus Health Page.

We have a wealth of information in our plant care blog too, see some popular articles below! 

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How Can I Tell If I'm Watering My Cactus Enough?

When most people picture a cactus, they immediately imagine an arid desert scene in the middle of a severe drought with temperatures soaring and a lone tumbleweed rolling across the...

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Latest News

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What Causes Cacti Browning

It might have started so slowly that you didn’t notice it at first. Then, it’s evident that something is wrong with your San Pedro Cactus. No longer is it that...

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