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Planting Cactus

What type of soil should I use for my cactus?
A sandy composition including, top soil, sand, perlight

How quickly should I plant my cactus?
Your cutting will be ready to plant when it is delivered but if you need some extra time to find the right pot, it is best to plant it within a week of receiving it

How big of a pot does my cactus need?
When planting your cutting it is best to account for both the amount of soil at the bottom of the pot below the cutting for the roots to grow in but also the depth of the cutting to be buried in the soil to be able to stand up on its own. The general rule of thumb for plants depth of deep enough until it is sturdy. You can never plant it too deep.

How often should I water my cactus?
It is recommended that you water your cactus once a month. The amount of water required is dependant on the environment the cactus resides in. 8-16oz is usually sufficient. You just want to make sure the soil is completely dry 2 days after watering

Does my cactus need sunlight?
Good east or west sunlight is best for optimal cactus health

Can my cactus live outside?
We recommend bringing your cactus in during the cold months, typically Oct-April. If you wish to put you cactus outside, it is best to have it on a covered patio to avoid excessive amounts of rain that could cause your cactus to develop root rot.

What type of light does my cactus need?
East or west direct light is best

How much will my cactus grow?
In optimal conditions, You can expect your cactus to grown up to 18” /yr

When will my cactus flower?
The growing season is generally during april through october and during that time, you can expect your cactus to flower.


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