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Cactus Health

What should I do if I get bugs or changes color?
DM us with any questions or concerns. If you suspect you cactus has fallen victim to bugs or a fungus, please also include photos/video along with a description of your observations.

I think my cactus is starting to rot?
Identify where the rot is originating. If it is at the base of the cactus, it is possible that the cactus is experience root rot. The culprit in this scenario is having a soil that has had a large amount of sustained moisture. Make sure the soil is dry again, 2 days after watering.

I bruised my cactus, what now?
Trauma to a cactus is generally localized as long as it has an opportunity to heal properly. If you suspect that the bruise area is getting worse, contact us immediately so we can help assess the situation and make suggestions

Is my cactus dead?
Does it answer you when you ask it questions? If not then your cactus may have died. DM us with your photos and concerns

What if I get pricked by my cactus?
Getting pricked by a cactus is never fun but while it may be a painful experience, it is usually only temporary. We recommend wearing leather gloves when handling your cactus and always make sure to look where you are grabbing it if you intend to move the cactus for any reason


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