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Benefits of Indoor Plants - Varnish + Vine

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Have you been wondering if you should get indoor plants for your home? The answer is an emphatic yes. Whether you live in a big mansion or in a small apartment, you should buy indoor house plants online, as they improve the quality of air by removing common toxins and indoor pollutants. On top of that, greenery adds to the aesthetics of your living spaces. They make the home more inviting and a more comfortable place. Let us see the reasons why you should get indoor plants for your home as soon as possible. 

Massive improvement in the quality of air

Like we just mentioned, having indoor plants improves the air we breathe. They absorb harmful toxins and pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. There are many factors like size and number of plants, size of the room etc. that determine how well the plants can purify the air. But a general rule of thumb is that about six to eighth medium sized plants should bring about a noticeable change in the quality of air. One thing to remember about indoor plants is that you must take them outdoors from time to time so that they can receive natural sunlight. A plant like Peruvian apple cactus is great for keeping indoors as it does not require a lot of upkeep.

Plants change the vibe of the room

Plants instantly make your living spaces more attractive. They are an easy and an inexpensive way to liven up your room. They also help regulate the indoor humidity, reduce the noise in the house and also a great way to cover some of the lesser attractive corners of the house. There are many ways you can place plants in your home. You could hang them on your walls or you could put them in cool earthen and ceramic pots. If you are looking to buy houseplants online, you should check out

They add to mental well being

Having indoor plants, like Peruvian apple, and looking at greenery can aid in improving your mental health. It also helps in quicker recovery of patients after major surgeries and illnesses. According to various researches and reviews, patients recovering from surgeries who can look at greenery need less pain medication and recuperate faster than the ones who don’t have plants in their vicinity. Horticulture therapy has also been used to treat various mental illnesses like anxiety, depression etc. Buying houseplants for sale online are a great way of uplifting your mood.

Improve productivity

Having an indoor plant on your workstation can give an instant boost to your productivity. It helps keep your brain fresh and does not let the air around you get stale. According to studies, having indoor plants on desks or on office floors increase the productivity by as much as 15 percent. There is less mental and physical fatigue and this leads to getting more work done in the same number of hours. Studies have also found that people took fewer sick leaves in offices with indoor house plants. 

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