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Common Succulent Diseases and Preventive Treatments

If you're a succulent owner, then you know they can be a little bit delicate sometimes. Unfortunately, succulents and cacti are also prone to several diseases which can quickly kill them if left untreated.


This article will discuss the most common succulent diseases and how to prevent them from happening in the first place!

Fungal Rot

Fungal rot is one of the most common diseases that affect succulents and cacti. It is caused by fungi known as Pythium or Phytophthora, which thrive in moist environments.


Symptoms of fungal rot include yellowing or browning leaves, soft and mushy leaves, and white, cottony growths on the plant. Acting quickly is essential, as fungal rot can spread rapidly and kill your plant.

How To Prevent Fungal Rot

The best way to prevent fungal rot is to make sure your succulent is planted in well-draining soil and that the pot has drainage holes. Avoid watering your succulent from the top.

Viral Infections

Viral infections are another common disease that can affect succulents and cacti. These viruses are typically spread by insects, such as aphids or whiteflies, which feed on the plant's sap.


Symptoms of a viral infection include stunted growth, yellow or brown spots on the leaves, and deformities in the plant. Isolate the affected plant to prevent the virus from spreading.

How To Prevent Viral Infections

To prevent viral infections, avoid over-watering your plants and keep them free from pests. You can also treat your plants with a neem oil solution, which will help kill any insects carrying the virus.

Black Spot

Black spot is a common disease that affects succulents and cacti. It is caused by a type of fungi known as Alternaria.


Symptoms of black spot include small, black spots on the leaves, yellowing or browning leaves, and eventually, the death of the plant.

How To Prevent Black Spot

Make sure your succulent is planted in well-draining soil, and the pot has drainage holes. You can also treat your plants with a fungicide solution to help prevent black spot from occurring.


Succulents and cacti are beautiful plants that can add a touch of elegance to any home. Following these simple tips can help keep your succulents healthy and looking their best!


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