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Fairy Castle Cactus Facts and Care - Varnish + Vine

Fairy Castle Cactus Facts and Care

The Fairy Castle Cactus is a succulent that is perfect for anyone who wants to add some color and life to their home. With beautiful, spiny stems and delicate blooms, this suc,ulent which really does resemble a fairy castle, is an instant statement piece in any home.


Native to the Americas, these cacti are popular for their ease of care and striking appearance. This article will discuss the care and basic facts of the Fairy Castle Cactus.

Fairy Castle Cactus Basic Facts

The Fairy Castle Cactus is a small succulent plant that typically grows to a height of 3-6 feet and has stems covered in sharp spines. It's a slow-growing plant, so you can watch it evolve. The thorns on the cactus' ribs aren't as prickly as you would expect from a cactus, which makes it an excellent option for indoor gardening. No need to worry about curious kids or pets getting poked!


A Fairy Castle Cactus can bloom large white flowers once it is about ten years old, but it is very rare, so don't be discouraged if yours doesn't. This cactus needs to exact perfect growing conditions to produce flowers. It may not be possible to induce flowering, especially if you live in an area with cold winters.

Care Routine for Fairy Castle Cactus

Fairy Castle Cactus are hardy plants that can tolerate neglect, ideal for first-timers or busy gardeners. However, they still have preferred growing conditions. Inorder to keep your plant healthy and alive, here is what you need to do:

Water Requirements

Fairy Castle Cactus need to be watered regularly, but not too much. This plant does best in dry conditions and likes to be kept on the drier side. Water your cactus once every two to three weeks or so during the warmer months. During winter, the plant will go into winter's rest when the temperature drops to 59 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. You will not need to water the plant during this time as it goes into dormancy and requires less water.


If you live in a warmer climate where the winters are not as cold, watering the plant should be reduced to once a month. When you water it, make sure to use room temperature water that has been allowed to sit for at least 24 hours - this will help prevent root rot.

Light Requirements

Fairy Castle Cactus thrive in bright light, so place yours near a window where it can get direct sunlight for most of the day. You want to avoid a place where it will get the full sun for the day, as this can cause the cacti to dry out.


The Fairy Castle will lean into the sunlight, so if you notice that the plant is growing curved, reposition it so it will continue to grow straight up.

Temperature Requirements

If you're thinking of adding a Fairy Castle Cactus to your home. You will need to create a warm and welcoming environment for your new plant friend. The optimum temperature for this succulent is between 64 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.


So, if you live in an area with cooler temperatures, you may need to provide extra warmth for your cactus during spring and summer. One way to do this is to place your cactus near a sunny window.

Soil Requirements

Fairy Castle Cactus prefer loamy, well-drained soil high in organic matter. You can buy the cactus potting mix from a garden store.


Once you have suitable soil, you must make sure that there is a hole in the bottom of the pot. This is to ensure proper drainage. This will help prevent your plant from rotting due to too much moisture.


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