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How to Care for Your Anthurium Fingers - Varnish + Vine

How to Care for Your Anthurium Fingers


An Anthurium Fingers plant requests your attention. Its name accurately reflects its deep-lobed hands-like leaves. The tropical appearance hints at the requirements of this Mexican species. It is an evergreen perennial reaching up to 4 feet in ideal conditions. Ultimately, the plant blooms with striking purple flowers.

Drainage and Water

Botanists categorize this plant as a mesic species. This indicates it has moderate moisture needs. It's essential to strike a balance. The Anthurium thrives with consistent watering and well-draining soil. The plant is humidity-tolerant, favoring slightly acidic to neutral soils. Mist your Anthurium occasionally to mimic its tropical environment.

Tip: Don’t let your plant dry out between waterings to prevent browning.

Light Needs

Anthurium thrives in medium-light conditions similar to its natural forested habitat. Dappled sunlight or partial shade is optimal to prevent soil dryness. Diluted all-purpose fertilizer can benefit the plant during the growing season.

Tip: This plant will go dormant during the cooler months of the year.

Temperature Needs

The Anthurium will thrive with average household temperatures. It is not a cold-tolerant plant. It will only survive outdoors in USDA Plat Hardiness Zone 11 with temps not dipping lower than 40 degrees F. On a positive note, it is deer and rabbit resistant. However, it is toxic to cats and dogs. It can cause mouth irritation and stomach upset if ingested.

Tip: Keep the plant away from HVAC vents and out of drafts.

Final Thoughts on The Anthurium Fingers

The Anthurium is an appealing plant with lush green foliage and attractive purple blossoms. Its compact size is a notable feature. This plant makes a lovely enhancement to your living space, offering a touch of tropical beauty.

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