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How to Take Care of Cacti at Home? - Varnish + Vine

How to Take Care of Cacti at Home?

Bringing home plants is an exciting thing. It is almost like adding a new member to the family. You have to assign it a proper space, make sure it gets everything it needs to survive and thrive. Bringing home indoor plants is a very wise choice as it has innumerous benefits. It cleans the air inside your house, improves your mood, increases your productivity and makes your living spaces more attractive. Getting different kinds of cacti like Peruvian cactus or Montrose cactus is a very good place to begin. They are not the toughest plants to maintain, but provide all the benefits that you get in other plants. However, to make sure your cacti last a long time, you must keep the following things in mind. 

Provide sun, but not too much of it

It is a general belief that since cacti are found in acrid and sunny conditions like the deserts, they need a lot of sun. This is simply now true. Like all plants, they need sunshine to keep them alive, but keeping them in direct sunlight for long periods of time will lead to them getting burnt. If they are placed inside your house, then find them a corner or a window that receives sunlight for five to six hours a day. And if you have a patio or yard then that is even better as they grow faster when placed outside. But make sure the exposure to direct sunlight is limited to maximum eight hours a day. With over exposure to sun, they can start to turn brown or yellow. When that starts to happen, move them away from direct sunlight and give them time to cool down. If you are looking to buy indoor house plants online, then head to

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Water is essential

People get cacti assuming that once you buy them all you need to place them in sun and they will take care of themselves. However, that is not the case. Even though they need less water than some of the other plants, they still need to be watered every few weeks when they are placed inside your home. Check the soil every 15 days or so. If the first two or three inches are dry then it is time to quench your plant’s thirst. During rainy season you can even leave them outside to soak in some rain as it reduces the need to water them regularly. Cacti start developing wrinkles around their base when they are dry. At this time, make sure you soak the soil in water. You may think that is counterproductive to give too much water to a cactus vine, but they absorb water very fast when they are dry. 

Kind of soil is very important

Every plant has different requirements when it comes to soil. Apple cactus or Peruvian apple cactus Arizona need to be placed in soil that contains a healthy mix of rocks and sand to ensure the water is drained out properly. The root begins to rot if water is not drained out. The same goes for fertilizers. You should use fertilizers recommended for succulents. However, water the soil first before you add fertilizers so as to not burn the roots. Cacti are not big eaters and do not a lot off fertilization. Add fertilizers to the soil two to three times a year.

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