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Tips to Decorate Home With Houseplants - Varnish + Vine

Tips to Decorate Home With Houseplants

Tips to Decorate Home With Houseplants - Varnish + Vine

One of the biggest emerging interior decoration trends is keeping indoor plants. While, following interior trends can be an expensive affair, but following this one is easy on the pocket and has countless benefits. They clean the air inside our homes, are very pleasing on the eye and have many scientifically proven therapeutic benefits as well, like improving the mood and increasing our productivity. Bring home cute plants in small handmade clay pots and see the vibe change of the room. You can follow these simple tips to use plants to enhance the look of your house. 

Choose the right spot

Before you start decorating your house with plants, it is important to analyse what part of your room could be brightened up. Also, when you are buying cactus vine, it is also important to keep it in a place where it does not brush against people. Try and see the room from different angles to see which area could do with some plants. 

Pick different sizes

If you are picking a bunch of house plants like Peruvian apple cactus cutting or San Pedro cactus cuttings, make sure that you do not choose all of the same size. Pick different widths and heights. The difference in height lends a more organic look to the place. 

Arrange in groups of three or five

Whenever possible, try and arrange in groups in three, five or seven. In short arrange in odd numbers. This gives the place a more casual look. Arranging in groups of two, four or six can give a very formal look to your house. It is also important to remember that you should avoid cluttering the space. 

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Use decorative and earthen pots

The design and colours of the pots are a matter of personal choice. You can choose pots in different finishes and colours or you can opt for pots with similar finishes. A combination of different colours brings a lot of vibrancy to the room. You can get really cool handmade clay plant pots at

Take care of drainage

While buying the pots, you must check the size of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. If the hole is too big then the water will leak onto your floors. To combat this, you can place a small rock before planting. This will ensure that water drains out slowly. 

Be mindful of different needs of different plants

Different plants need different types of care. Some plants need a lot of sunshine and water, while others may need less of them. For plants that need a lot of sunshine, keep them near a south-facing window. This is the area of the house which receives the maximum amount of sunlight. If your indoor plant requires indirect light, put them under a bulb or near a tinted window or a curtain. Similarly with water. You must read up on the requirement of different plants before buying them.

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