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🌵 @ell.kim24 can’t get his hands on - Varnish + Vine

🌵 @ell.kim24 can’t get his hands on

Go To Post     🌵 @ell.kim24 can’t get his hands on enough TWISTYS. You better believe he was the first person to DM us yesterday about coming on Saturday to snag another from our HUGE SELECTION OF FRESH TWISTY CUTTINGS🌵

⚡️CHARLOTTE⚡️ GET THERE EARLY!!! We will be bringing a limited selection of TWISTY cuttings to the MATTHEWS @moxiemercantile POPUP this SATURDAY 8/28 9-1pm. LAST CHANCE TO SEE US IN 2021 - DONT MISS OUT!!

Our second shipment of HANDMADE CLAY POTS will be arriving next Tuesday. We have added a 4” and 16” cylinder to the existing 6”, 10” and 12” collection!! Can’t wait ti share these with you. IF YOU OWN A PLANT SHOP AND YOU’RE INTERESTED IN CARRYING OUR LINE OF POTS, DM US!

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🌵They’re SO beautiful!!! Please come back to Wilmington (but not while I’m at Firefly🙏)! These twistys are gorgeous and already having 7 of your assorted cactus (Peruvian, monstrose, San Pedro & Twisty) just isn’t enough.🤷🏻‍♀️


Will you have pink pots available?



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