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Cardinal Air Plant - air plant - root-cardinal-med - Varnish + Vine - 1

Cardinal Air Plant





High Indirect Sunlight



Pet Safe



Cardinal Air Plant

Tillandsia Fasciculata

The Cardinal Air Plant is one of the more unique succulents that we carry. It has one of the most spectacular blooms of the air plants variety. The bloom of this plant consists of yellow and reddish orange colors, and last longer than many of its air plant cousins.

The Cardinal Air Plant prefers bright indirect sunlight and is able to sustain short periods of direct sunlight. These plants need to be watered once per week. This plant often grows on trees or other elevated locations, as a result they do not necessarily need soil, but, due to their natural environment, this plant should not have its base covered with a moisture retaining material as this may cause the plant’s base to rot. With a preference for moderate humidity and 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit environment. This plant will easily thrive in household conditions.

Quick Facts:

  • Large and distinct bloom
  • Best indoors with bright indirect sun

Plant Information

Needs to be mounted on a sold object and the base should not be covered or the plants base might rot, does not need to be planted in the ground.

Plant Difficulty: Beginner
Plant Size: Large
Plant Growth: 1 in
Unit Sizes: 22-28 inch long

Soil Needed: No Soil Required
Preferred Humidity: Moderate
Sunlight Requirements: High Indirect Sunlight
Water Frequency: Weekly

Care Guide

- Requires Bright Indirect Sun
- Water once per week
- Needs to be mounted on a sold object and the base should not be covered or the plants base might rot
- Does best in 70 - 85 degrees F

Return Policy

14 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged. Please send a picture to

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Cardinal Air Plant



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