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RARE CACTUS - Finally Back in Stock!!!

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Shipping & Returns FAQ

When my cactus arrives, how should I handle it?
Carefully with leather gloves

How long does fulfillment take?
We normally ship our cuttings within 3 business days of purchase

Why is shipping so expensive?
We try to subsidize as much of the shipping costs as we can but when shipping larger cuttings that require box sizes that are above the size limits for economical shippings costs, the costs of said packages can be more than one is anticipating

Do you ship outside of the United States?
No. We currently only ship to the domestic 48 US

What is your return policy?
30 days

What happens if my cactus arrives damaged?
Please email us for a replacement or refund.

My cactus died a month later, now what?
We try to be as accommodating as possible and if we find that the issue was on our end, we would be more than happy to refund or replace the cutting for you


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