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Alocasia Black Velvet

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Alocasia Black Velvet

Alocasia reginula

The Alocasia is a tropical plant that is located on the floor of jungles in subtropical Asia and Eastern Australia.

The Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’ (Alocasia reginula) is a succulent with a distinctive pigmentation and unique velvety soft leaves that can easily add to any room. This Alocasia requires bright, but indirect light. Watering is most optimal when preformed once a week, must remain mindful to keep from overwatering to prevent root rot. Should be kept in a draining pot. Best if kept in a temperature in-between 55°F to 86°F, with a humidity of 40% to 70%.

Quick Facts:

  • Soft Velvety leaves
  • Best indoors with bright indirect sun
  • plant in tropical soil and water once a week

Care Guide

- Requires Bright Indirect Sun
- Water once a week
- Use a moist but not waterlogged soil.
- Does best in 65 - 85 degrees F

Return Policy

14 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged. Please send a picture to

Alocasia Black Velvet



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