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Torch Cactus (San Pedro) Cuttings - cactus - SANP_S_S - Varnish + Vine - 1
Torch Cactus (San Pedro) Cuttings - cactus - SANP_S_S - Varnish + Vine - 2
Torch Cactus (San Pedro) Cuttings - cactus - SANP_S_S - Varnish + Vine - 3
Premium San Pedro Bandito Cutting - cactus - SanP-Band-2 - Varnish + Vine - 4
Torch Cactus (San Pedro) Cuttings - cactus - SANP_S_S - Varnish + Vine - 5

Torch Cactus (San Pedro) Cuttings

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High Indirect Sunlight


Twice a Month

Pet Safe



Torch Cutting (San Pedro Family)

Trichocereus Macrogonus

**PLEASE NOTE: Sizes are approximate (+/- 2 to 3 inches) and these particular cuttings may have scarring, punctures, and sunburn — and are priced as such. All cactus sent are healthy and will support new growth**

2024 Update: We believe this crop to be Bolivian Torch (Lobivia bridgesii / Trichocereus bridgesii). These San Pedro Mother Plants have made many journeys with us, this is their first harvest after multiple relocations. Some of the growth on this harvest was damaged from moving and the stress of relocation. All cuttings shipped are healthy and will feature new, beautiful growth!


The San Pedro Cactus is a well-known and poplar cactus that is most known for its easy-going temperament. This temperament is a byproduct of its natural environment, the Andes Mountains, resulting in this cactus being found naturally at altitudes up to 9,800 feet! This results in the cactus being frost tolerant, and loving dry environments. It is also known for its light green to dark green appearance with many different ribs it also is rather thin and pointed.

The San Pedro Cactus is very easy to care for. It is cold tolerant, and preferers a dry environment. This cactus also loves direct sunlight, and it is recommended that it is kept in an eastern or western facing location. It should only be watered once per month. This Cacti should only be planted in cactus soil, NOT regular soil as regular soil will result in excess moisture retention causing root rot.

Quick Facts:

  • Easy to care for
  • Enjoys bright light
  • Plant in cactus soil and water once per month

Shipped as cuttings.

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Plant Information

Plant Difficulty: Intermediate
Plant Size: Large
Plant Growth: 18 in
Unit Sizes:

Soil Needed: Dry / Arid Soil
Preferred Humidity: Dry
Sunlight Requirements: High Indirect Sunlight
Water Frequency: Twice a Month

Care Guide

- High Indirect Sunlight
- Water twice a month
- Use a well-draining dry or arid soil
- Does best in 65 - 85 degrees F

Return Policy

14 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged. Please send a picture to

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Torch Cactus (San Pedro) Cuttings

$25.00 Regular price $40.00


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