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Saguaro Cactus - cactus - Saguaro-1 - Varnish + Vine - 1
Saguaro Cactus - cactus - Saguaro-1 - Varnish + Vine - 2

Saguaro Cactus

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Direct Sunlight



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Saguaro Cactus

Carnegiea Gigantea

The Saguaro Cactus is easily recognizable cactus that is often seen in western movies and other media. These fascinating cacti are huge green columnar cactus are icons of the American west and have fascinated nearly all who view their magnificence. Although these cacti can reach 40 feet tall, they do so rather slowly only grow one inch per year and can take up to a decade to reach one inch in Hight and over 200 years to reach its full Hight.

The Saguaro Cactus is easy to care for. This plant prefers direct light. It also thrives in most temperatures being able to survive in temperatures above 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Heavy rains should be avoided as they may topple large plants if the soil becomes to saturated with water. This plant should be watered once per month.

Quick Facts:

  • Thrives almost every temperature
  • Best with direct sunlight
  • Plant in cactus soil and water once month

*** Please Note *** These Saguaros are sold rooted and harvested legally via propagation through a nursery, they are not harvested wildly which is illegal.

30 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged.

Plant Information

Plant Difficulty: Beginner
Plant Size: Varying Sizes
Plant Growth: 1 in
Unit Sizes: -1 ft, 1.5 ft, 2 ft, 2.5ft, 3 ft, 3.5 ft, and 4 ft

Soil Needed: Dry / Arid Soil
Preferred Humidity: Dry
Sunlight Requirements: Direct Sunlight
Water Frequency: Monthly

Care Guide

- Requires Bright Direct Sun
- Water once per month
- Use a cactus soil
- Survives in temperatures above 14 degrees F

Return Policy

14 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged. Please send a picture to

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Saguaro Cactus

$180.00 Regular price


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