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Zoom String of Pearls - Varnish + Vine
Zoom String of Pearls - Varnish + Vine

String of Pearls

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String of Pearls

Senecio Rowleyanus

String of Pearls is one of the more unique succulents that are able to be grown at home. This plant is known for its unique vines. These vines carry small orbs that can be described as pearls or peas. This succulent is not particularly picky about its conditions.

The String of Pearls plant is very easy to care for. This succulent prefers bright indirect sunlight. It also thrives in most household temperatures with an optimal temperature range of between 55°- 85° F. It enjoys a dry environment. This plant should be watered twice per month.

Quick Facts: 

  • Unique vines with pearl like orbs
  • Enjoys most household temperatures
  • Plant in cactus soil
  • This succulent should be watered weekly

Shipped potted in a basic planter pot.

Care Guide

- Requires Bright Indirect Sun
- Water once top third of soil is dry (about twice a month)
- Use a well-draining dry or arid soil
- Does best in 55 - 85 degrees F

Return Policy

14 day return / replacement policy if plant arrives dead or damaged. Please send a picture to

String of Pearls

$20.00 Regular price


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