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Cactus Cuttings

Harvesting Cactus Cuttings is our specialty at here Varnish and Vine. We only sell premium hand-cut cacti that is sustainably sourced.

Cacti Cuttings are lengths of cacti that are cut off of a mature cacti or other succulents. They are then used to propagate a new plant sustainably. Cuttings are popular when growing a new plant from seeds are impractical or unsustainable.  


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Planting Accessories

Grow from amateur to expert with our selection of planting accessories. These products will help you and your plants grow in ways you won't believe!

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Succulents and Air Plants

Looking for a plant to add to your collection that is easy to take care of, look no further than these Succulents and Air plants. These plants are easy to take care of and look phenomenal. Often requiring little attention making them a great addition to any plant custodians prized collection.

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Tropical Plants

Browse our new tropical plant collection. Although these plants are not succulents, they certainly are unique. This collection contains plants that range from the tropical floor dwelling Alocasia Black Velvet to the high-flying White Bird of Paradise. These plants will add a unique tropical flavor anywhere. These plants are a breeze to take care of.

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