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How to Plant Your Cactus

Check out the following video and instructions to successfully plant your cactus cutting! (Or watch the video on YouTube.)


Planting is Easy as One, Two, Three


Get Your Materials

- Make sure you use a cactus or succulent soil.

- It's great to add lava rocks or anything else for drainage.

- All of our cactus cutting are shipped ready to plant! 


Start With Dirt

- Add a layer of 1-2 Inches or more of rock and soil (or just soil).

- Increase this depth for larger cuttings, this is for roots to grow.

- It should support itself, but don't bury more than a foot deep.


Plant that Cactus!

- Place the cactus on top of the first soil layer.

- Start filling around it with soil and compacting with your hands.

- Wait 2-3 weeks to water and then water once per month! 



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